Mutualistic Symbiosis

Can we help each live longer lives with less pain?

Need to exercise but can't get started?

Perhaps we could 'pair up'?

Sense of honour? I did my walk? You?



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Diabetes or Prediabetes

Changing lifestyle - New habits - Me too!

Diabetes in the family? Worried? Me too!


I already have some good dietary and exercise habits.

Perhaps I can help you with yours?


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Lung Efficiency

Got one of these?

A bout of flu 3 years ago badly damaged my lungs.

I'm working on it but I still haven't recovered.

Covid will not be kind to me. Do you need better lungs too?



Get Clever ... join me, help me, I could help you.

Weird Example

Feet can become a problem as you age.

Walking more is good but you must respect your feet.

I need a foot massaging habit so I can walk more.

Perhaps this is something you see as important too?


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